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An Uplifting Project: Camelback Library in Mongolia

26 Apr , 2017  

Most remote villages in the Gobi desert, Mongolia as described as dreary and uninviting. Children often get an education out of playing with dirt and pebbles in a place where books are almost entirely inaccessible. Luckily, there is a hero to this fragile, way too familiar story. His name is Dashdondog Jamba, publisher and translator […]


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The Beautiful Tree Houses of Kerala, India

27 Aug , 2016  

The state of Kerala (also known as ‘God’s Own Country’) is well known for its diverse nature with backwaters, mountains, beautiful beaches and the continuous developing eco-tourism. Situated in Southern India, this territory is a tropical wonder full of palm trees and wide sandy beaches. It is a narrow strip of coastal land that stretches […]

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1-Day Guide to 12 National Parks in the USA [Video]

12 Jul , 2016  

Did you know there are no less than 58 National Parks in the USA? We covered some of them on Tourism on the Edge in previous posts, enough to give you an idea of their singular and fascinating character. We were happy to discover this video, which brakes down 12 of the best options to […]


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Giraffe Manor Hotel in Nairobi or How to Share Your Meal With 8 Giraffes

8 Oct , 2015  

Living with eight giraffes may seem uncommon for some of us weary travelers, but for the guests at Giraffe Manor hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, sharing breakfast with these pretty creatures is as natural as it gets. This interaction left us speechless and we marked the experience as a “must” on our long list of places […]


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Six Websites That Will Help You Find Free Accommodation

25 Aug , 2015  

After your flights, your accommodation is going to be the next biggest travel expense, and if you’re not an experienced budget traveler, they can easily cost you just as much as your airline ticket, if not more. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that can assist you with cheap itineraries. LifeHacker explains that searching for […]

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Cultural Wanderlust: Four Less Known Original Museums in the UK

21 Jul , 2015  

If you’ve already explored the popular destinations in the United Kingdom such as the London Eye, Stone Henge, Windsor Castle, or Big Ben, you’re probably craving to point your compass to another tourist hotspot. For those who are experiencing a strong sense of wanderlust, another activity that you can do in the UK is to […]

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Top 10 Offbeat Things To Do In India

17 Apr , 2013  

India is mostly known as a spiritual travel destination by travelers across the globe. But its stunning  mountains, dense forests and wildlife sanctuaries are also known for attracting various  adventure enthusiasts. These hot-spots are most preferred by those who feel tired of a life of routine and are looking for the ultimate thrill and rejuvenation. […]


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10 Tips on How To Improve Your Traveling Experience- Open List

4 Jun , 2012  

When was the last time you had a holiday to remember?  Exciting and memorable traveling usually happens if you try a bit in having a meaningful contribution. Planing a trip does not take very long and could lead to some incredible results. Here are 10 small tips that you should keep in mind for an […]

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403 Underwater Human Life-Sized Sculptures: Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico [VIDEO]

16 May , 2012  

Cancun Underwater Museum or MUSA is an unusual exhibition of sculptures made by Jason DeCaires Taylor placed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc in Mexico. The amazing project that took shape in 2009 because of the artist Jason deCaires Taylor, in collaboration with  The National Marine Park and The Cancun Nautical […]

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Art Installation Linking People from London&New York in Real Time

27 Mar , 2011  

Although the Telectroscope had a short existence (May-June 2008), this is a famous installation that once linked London (near Tower Bridge) and New York (Brooklyn Bridge). The modern art installation was constructed by Paul St George, a London based multimedia artist and sculptor who stated his inspiration was a project developed by his grand-father in the 19th century. […]

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Burning Man, a Nonconformist Cultural Event in the Nevada Desert

18 Feb , 2011  

Location.  The Burning Man Event is held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, United States. Unusual. At the first impression, the following pictures might seem like they were taken in an unworldly place, with absurd characters and surreal structures. Well, this event really exists and already has more than 20 years of history. […]

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Hang Nga, a Surreal House in Vietnam

9 Feb , 2011  

Hang Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is located in Dalat, Vietnam, at 1,500 m above sea level. This unconventional building, described as a “fairy tale house”, resembles a giant tree with weird sculptures such as spider webs, caves or animals. The crazy concept belongs to Dang Viet Nga, a Vietnamese architect who had […]

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Saint Michel Abbey, an Ocean Fortress of Medieval Times

10 Jul , 2010  

Saint-Michel Abbey is located on a  tidal island in Normandy, North-West of France. It is one of the country’s religious landmarks and it is situated one kilometer away (just over a half-mile) from the coast, within the Atlantic ocean. Giant waves, some of them measuring over 14 meters (46 ft) in height, moving sands and a […]

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Sapporo Snow Festival, Where Ice Becomes Art

29 Jun , 2010  

Sometimes we don’t have the eyes to see real opportunities regarding nature’s gifts, a chance to use natural resources for promoting international relations. Fortunately, we found that cultural diversity, artistic works, unusual shapes and impressive sculptures are some of the specialties of an unique annual event which is reliable for such connections, The Snow Festival […]


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