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Trailer Bookshop on the Move by „Tell a story”, Portugal

18 Dec , 2016  

Day after day, authors all around the world lay back in their quiet working room, pouring out a part of their souls on a piece of paper. They do this for many different reasons: to be remembered, to inspire, to send a message, to talk to someone and so on. When a new book finally […]

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Book and Bed Hostel, Tokyo: Falling Asleep Inside a Bookshelf

12 Nov , 2015  

Book and Bed Tokyo (or “the accommodation bookshop”) is an innovative hostel that aims to bring book-loving travelers together. It is the result of a metamorphosis from a traditional izakaya pub (a type of informal Japanese eat&drink establishment) into a literary crib. As the owners say, the concept has nothing to do with regular accommodation. […]

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