Walk to Remember: Gardens of Marqueyssac, France

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Even though the Gardens of Marqueyssac in France have a unique appearance and atmosphere, I couldn’t help correlate the feel of this place with that of Villa D’Este. When choosing between a natural landscape and a man-made environment, I would normally have no difficulties. Pristine places equal total domination.

Wrapped around a traditional 17th century French chateau, the absorbing sculpted gardens of Marqueyssac made me sigh. They are an example of an inspired and inspirational man-nature relationship, as overrated as that may sound.

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The Gardens of Marqueyssac have an interesting story behind and they were only open for the public in 1996. The playful, “bubbly” design of the plants is said to maintain a design discovered here three centuries ago. The actual property of the chateau includes about 5 kilometers of walking trails, a Belvedere spot, three framed overhanging gardens and a chapel. Located in the town of Vézac in the Dordogne region of France, the gardens can be discovered half-way between the Bourdeaux and Rhone wine regions.

For information and rates, check out this website. If you happen to visit this place, don’t forget to drop a line and tell us your impressions.

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