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The Underwater Post Office is situated in Vanuatu, an island nation located in South Pacific Ocean that consists of 82 small, geologically newer islands. The post office is just three meters below the surface and only 50 meters offshore the Port Villa, on Highway Island. Since its opening in 2003, approximately 100,000 visitors have posted at least one of the special postcards available in Vanuatu which are “canceled” underwater with an embossing cachet. The postcards are collected regularly from the underwater mail box by a scuba diver from Vanuatu Post which often stays in the “office” and expects the customers. In this case, visitors from around the world pick up their masks and snorkels, buy a postcard and dive to meet with the postman.

More information about the Vanuatu Underwater Post Office here.


Photo by Synapse


underwater post

Vanuatu underwater post office


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