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Neuschwanstein Castle, a Scenic Historic Testimony in the Bavarian Alps

14 Apr , 2012  

Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Hohenschwangau, close to the Füssen town, in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, close to the Austrian border. The castle is one of the most legendary of the three royal palaces built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as “the Fairytale King”, in the 19th century. King Ludwig was an ardent […]

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Europe, Hidden Places

Walk to Remember: Gardens of Marqueyssac, France

4 Apr , 2012  

Even though the Gardens of Marqueyssac in France have a unique appearance and atmosphere, I couldn’t help correlate the feel of this place with that of Villa D’Este. When choosing between a natural landscape and a man-made environment, I would normally have no difficulties. Pristine places equal total domination. Wrapped around a traditional 17th century […]

Hidden Places, South America

The Rainbow River: Caño Cristales, Columbia

24 Mar , 2012  

Caño Cristales (also known as the “river of five colors” or “the river that ran away from paradise”) has a unique biological feature: it is covered by colorful algae. According to wikipedia, “for most of the year, Caño Cristales is indistinguishable from any other river: a bed of rocks covered in dull green mosses are […]

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Hidden Places, North & Central America

Maho Beach, the Closest a Sunbather Can Get to a Moving Airplane [Video]

21 Mar , 2012  

Maho Beach is situated on the Dutch side of the Sint Maarten island in the Caribbean Sea, one of the four constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The location is famous worldwide because of the Princess Juliana International Airport which is situated right next to the beach. Due to the airport’s relatively short […]

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Sandboarding, a Rush of Adrenaline Filling Up Arid Spaces

20 Mar , 2012  

Sand boarding is the ultimate thrill when it comes to people with strange passions. Even though this uncommon sport derives from snowboarding, there are few similarities between the two. However, the adrenaline pumps here too, even though this sport is not as risky. Sandboarding was “invented” or first heard of in a city from Brazil […]

Europe, Hidden Places

10 Small Town and Village Locations to Consider When Traveling to Europe

19 Mar , 2012  

Since most of you appreciate unconventional tourism, we figured we would dedicate a post to small town and villages, as a holiday alternative to crowded, famous cities. When traveling to Europe this year, why not consider experiencing the charm of a small medieval town, or the heath of a fresh mountain village? Why not take […]

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Danxia Landforms Shaping Magical Sights in China

18 Mar , 2012  

China Danxia is a general name for several Danxia landforms in southern China which are currently part of a World Heritage Site. The inscribed areas have a total surface of 65446 ha, consisting in an unique type of geomorphology. A Danxia landform is made up of two red colored sandstones and conglomerates (said to belong […]

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El Caminito del Rey, A Path Through Split Rocks

18 Mar , 2012  

El Caminito del Rey (English: The king’s little pathway) or Camino del Rey is a captivating walkway pinned along the rocky walls of a narrow canyon located in El Chorro, close to the city of Álora, in the province of Malaga, Spain. This ingenious construction was envisioned in 1901 when the workers at the  hydroelectric […]


Africa, Hidden Places

Chefchaouen, the Beautiful Blue City in Marocco

16 Mar , 2012  

Chefchaouen Morocco, also known as the Blue City, is a small charming town of about 40,000 inhabitants located near to the Mediterranean Sea. Situated at 660 m altitude in the outskirts of the mountains  Tisouka (2050m) and Megou (1616 ms) of the Mountain range of the Rif, like it is “stuck” between two large horns, the […]

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30 Nature-Surrounded Bridges for the Bohemian Traveler

14 Mar , 2012  

A constant source of fascination for travelers everywhere, bridges have been around for ages, surpassing obstacles and giving our world continuity. As a tribute to their endless symbolism, we decided to gather 30 inspiring bridge photos. Just let your mind wonder through these nature-encircled bridges, some of which are perched above beautiful valleys, deep waters […]

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Europe, Hidden Places

Bewithcing Santorini: Small Travel Guide in 40 Photos

12 Mar , 2012  

photo by Andreas Constantinou It is said that great poets have sung its praises and that its majestic shape hides the secrets of Atlantis. This post is not looking to solve any mystery, nor judge poets, but will simply give you a clue about how it feels to travel to Santorini in a short travel […]


Europe, Hidden Places

Ronda, Spain: The Dramatic Cliffs That Inspired Modern Bullfighting

11 Jan , 2012  

The Guadalevín River flows all the way through the city, separating it into two and creating dramatic landscapes. During the Reconquest of Spain by the Catholic monarchs, the city of Ronda was the last to fall because of the cliffs. Ronda is a city located in the Spanish territory of Málaga. It is positioned about […]

Asia, Hidden Places

Guilin Hills China, a Surreal Landscape

21 Dec , 2011  

Guilin stands for “cassia forest”, a special tropical tree with yellow flowers that can be found here in abundance and which is what we “naive” Europeans refer to as  “cinnamon”. Cinnamon is the natural scent of this fascinating Chinese city, as from August to October the tropical tree “cassia” is in blossom.  Guilin is said […]

Europe, Hidden Places

Top 10 Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands Built on Canals

21 Dec , 2011  

Not many people know just how much history and culture lies in the towns of The Netherlands (or Holland, if we were to take after the British). It would be an exaggeration to state that this post is going to showcase some of the unknown fascinating sights and secrets of Holland. We are simply going […]

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Breathtaking Panorama of the Austrian Alps: Top of Tyrol

16 Dec , 2011  

Top of Tyrol is a mountain-top viewing platform placed in the Stubai Glacier, Tirolean Alps, one hour away from Innsbruck, Austria. The innovative project completed in 2008  by Astearchitecture is located on the Great Isidor which is centrally positioned in the Stubai Glacier, dividing it into the western half and eastern half. Being situated at […]

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