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Australian Tourism is Hiring: 6 Perfect Jobs, Each with a $100,000* Package [Video]

5 Mar , 2013  

Tourism Australia is teaming up with industry and State and Territory tourism partners in a new A$4 million campaign targeting the international youth market. At the heart of the campaign is a global competition involving six of Australia’s State and Territory Tourism Organizations – each offering their own unique ‘Best Job in the World’ as […]

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Traveling to Setenil de las Bodegas aka The City Under Rocks

5 Mar , 2013  

Traveling to Setenil de las Bodegas in Spain may prove to be a real adventure for those suffering from symptoms of claustrophobia. Located in the scenic province of Cádiz, Spain, the unusual village was creatively built using local stone as construction material. Setenil lies along the river gorge of Rio Trejo, with which it developed […]

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Getting to Know The Spirit of Cuba

25 Feb , 2013  

If there’s one place that never fails to alight the senses, the Caribbean is. And when it comes to dream holidays, the island of Cuba is a glittering gem in the Caribbean’s crown. Bubbling over with character and charm, Cuba boasts a magnificent 300 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 25 […]

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10 Tips for Hiking Half Dome, a Phenomenal Mountain Trail in Yosemite

22 Feb , 2013  

Hiking Half Dome Yosemite is our idea of a perfect day. Some say it takes 12 hours to go all the way to the edge of the dome and back, but with experience, good equipment and perfect weather conditions, you could make the trip faster. Half Dome is situated in Yosemite National Park, in the […]

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11 Best Beach Destinations in Europe for Traveling on a Budget

21 Feb , 2013  

People usually fail to correlate traveling towards hedonistic and utterly relaxing places, with a tight budget. This is particularly true with seaside escapes, which most tend to label as “expensive” from the very start. Well, we have done some research and discovered some beaches in Europe, where you can stay for a week or even more, […]

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13 Psychedelic Lake Opera Stages in Bregenz, Austria

11 Feb , 2013  

The Bregenzer Festspiele  is usually associated with incredible floating opera stages and performances of famous plays. Even though the Bregenz Festival is held in five different locations throughout the city, Seebühne (the floating stage) on Lake Constance is the most popular of them all. In the staging process, the lake and its shores are the grounds for […]


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Surreal Land Art: Giant Hand in the Atacama Desert

7 Feb , 2013  

As if a giant man was trapped in the desert of Atacama in South America, the surreal Mano de Desierto (Hand of the Desert) seems to reach out from the sand in the shape of an impressive stone sculpture. The unusual landmark is located conveniently on the Panamerican Highway, where it proudly stands 11 meter […]

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Fascination of the Amalfi Coast: Positano, Italy

2 Feb , 2013  

Positano may be one of Italy’s most luxurious and romantic vacation destinations, but to us its plain beauty and traditional architecture rank the highest. The town of Positano showcases fabulous coastal views on the renowned Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy. The picturesque settlement is suspended vertically on the face of a cliff and is popular […]


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3 Most Romantic Destinations in the United States for Couples

28 Jan , 2013  

Curious about the most sought after romantic escapes in the US? Today’s guest posts comes with a few suggestions. Get immersed in the perfect climate of sun, surf, sand and fine-dining at Santa Barbara or take a heavenly stroll down the Charleston historic district of South Carolina, United States offers a plethora of romantic destinations […]


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Largest Crystals in the World: Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

4 Jan , 2013  

The spectacular Giant Crystal Cave is connected to the Naica Mine, located in Chihuahua, Mexico. It goes around 300 meters bellow the surface. The main chamber contains the largest selenite crystals ever found, some of them reaching 11 meters in length, 4 meters in diameter and about 55 tons in weight. The conditions here are […]


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10 Step Survival Guide For Getting Lost in the Forest

3 Jan , 2013  

How is it that we’ve become to know our way around the absurd, hectic and outrageously diverse urban jungle, yet when it comes to living in the woods for a day, we get a panic attack at the mere thought? If you think about it, we are all masters of surviving- every moment we do […]

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Christmas Traveling: 15 Of the Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

7 Dec , 2012  

Did you know that Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria? The first Christmas markets ever were held in Vienna (1294), Bautzen (year 1384 ) and Dresden (1434). In time, the festive spirit took over the entire world, with numerous city squares being converted in the month of December. Ginger bread, wine, cinnamon and oranges, […]

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Skiing in the French Alps? How About a Perfect Retreat in a Bohemian Chalet?

7 Dec , 2012  

We are not fans of exuberance and luxury, but this particular traditional-vintage chalet in the French Alps caught our… undivided attention. The lovely bohemian style villa was designed by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot (who converted it from a farmhouse) and is located near Megève, France. The chalet is structured on two levels: below are the bedrooms, and […]

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Frozen Waves, a Unique Nature Display in Antarctica

23 Nov , 2012  

We had a few posts here on ice caves and ice hotels and we figured since we started a trend anyway, we should continue with something no less spectacular: ice waves. This unique phenomenon occurs in Antarctica, so if you’re ever in a wild expedition near Earth’s southernmost continent, you may come across it. According […]

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Soothing Baths in Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

22 Nov , 2012  

Pamukkale is an amazing display of natural hot water pools  in Denizli Province, south-western Turkey. What you see in the photos below are known as travertines or the terraces that form due to the carbonate minerals that gather up as the flowing water circles. Pamukkale is actually Turkish for “cotton castle”, a name that we […]

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