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Inntel Hotel or How To Make a Stack of Traditional Homes Look Inviting

7 Mar , 2011  


Zaandam Hotel Tourism on the Edge 04

We are huge fans of traditional architecture, so the fact that studio WAM Architecten decided to design a hotel that looks like a stack of beautiful traditional homes won us over.

Inntel hotell is located in Zaandam, the Netherlands and consists of overlapping green wooden facades that are well integrated in the structure’s environment. It is wonderful to see a project that respects its surrounding architecture and the 11-storey does just that. Inntel hotel is 40 meters tall and has no less than 160 rooms available for guests worldwide.

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Here is a short description from the architects: “Visually speaking the structure is built up from a varied stacking of almost seventy individual little houses, executed in four shades of the traditional green of the Zaan region. The hotel is unique, familiar yet original and idiosyncratic. It is a design that could be realised only in Zaandam but at the same time transcends and reinvigorates local tradition. It was, moreover, specifically tailored to this site. ‘The Blue House’, inspired by the work Claude Monet painted at Zaandam in 1871, is the ultimate attention-grabber. The overall result is striking, the building exemplary for the Fusion Architecture that Wilfried van Winden champions. Fusion represents an inventive way of linking present and past, tradition and innovation, high culture and low”. [Photographs by Roel Backaert, via Dezeen]

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May 17th, 2010

Delft studio WAM Architecten have completed a hotel that looks like a pile of houses in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

Called Inntel hotel

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