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Hang Nga, a Surreal House in Vietnam

9 Feb , 2011  


Hang Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is located in Dalat, Vietnam, at 1,500 m above sea level.

This unconventional building, described as a “fairy tale house”, resembles a giant tree with weird sculptures such as spider webs, caves or animals. The crazy concept belongs to Dang Viet Nga, a Vietnamese architect who had decided to materialize a personal project designed for his PhD. According to Nga, its innovative architecture with non-rectilinear shapes was inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudí. In 1990, he transformed the building into a guest house and opened to paid visits by tourists. Today, people who want to visit this surreal house even have the option of spending the night.

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  1. Turtle says:

    I heard about this house and wanted to check it out while I was in Vietnam. I was really impressed with what I found. It was busy (lots of tourists) but you could still climb all around it and explore the different rooms and structures. It feels a bit like you’re in a Salvador Dali painting or maybe a bit Alice in Wonderland. Definitely worth seeing for yourself!

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