Do Something Extraordinary: Tam’s Round the World Travel Story

Tam Warner Minton is a world traveler with a story. When Tam’s grown children left home, she did not let the empty space or her chronic pain get her down. Instead, she opened her map and began exploring the world. What she found was a world she never knew she needed, and a world she wanted to help save as well. Now, she wants to help others get out of their comfort zones through the power of travel. You can read about her inspiring story below: Several years ago, I watched a documentary that prompted me to reinvent my life. The documentary was about two marine biologists living in Tofo, Mozambique, studying Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. I was captivated by the Mantas…I had never seen one while diving or snorkeling before, only through binoculars on the surface of the water. Having already had some experience with Whale Sharks, I was also extremely interested in their ecology. The scientists, Dr. Andrea Marshall (aka Queen of Mantas) and Dr. Simon Pierce, were studying these species, which at that time were so abundant in Mozambique waters. (Sadly, the populations are now significantly impacted by unsustainable fishing practices). Their organization was Marine Megafauna Foundation and the … Continue reading Do Something Extraordinary: Tam’s Round the World Travel Story