While travel is hitting a record low in a devastated Italy, its canals are being taken over by surprisingly jolly visitors. Beautiful white swans were captured parading the now crystal-clear waters of the city. Moreover, what initially seemed like a viral hoax, turned out to be true: dolphins playing in the Venice canals.

The new tourists of Venice were caught on camera by some lucky residents still allowed to roam its streets during the lockdown. According to local researchers who travel in small boats to photograph dolphins, there are about 450 individuals living in the proximity of the Veneto region (which includes Venice as the capital city). The chances of seeing these playful mammals in the city premises are extremely low though.

Socializing can take many forms and these white swans were happy to exchange a few greetings. Not sure they miss the bohemian gondolas passing by:

Chances are all of us who have once visited Venice miss its atmosphere and preserved beauty. But let’s take a moment and welcome these lovely new inhabitants without instantly thinking that we are witnessing a dystopian scenario. Stay positive and stay safe, everyone!