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Skogar to Thorsmork Hike, Iceland: What You Need to Know

5 May , 2017  

It often happens that one adventure triggers the next. We were hiking the outlandish volcano formations in Westman Islands, Iceland, when this lovely Czech-Swedish couple told us about the Skogar to Thorsmork hike, “the best they ever did”. We knew them enough to trust their nature skills and mountain tastes, so we decided to take […]

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1 Feb , 2016  

Sometimes being a traveler is hard work and we are well aware of the following: all the time you put in for finding a decent map, all the calculations needed to prepare just the right amount of clothes, all the small accessories your back can support, all the strange noises coming from outside tents, how wet a […]

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Exploring Bali Like a Digital Nomad [Video]

25 Nov , 2015  

Meet Jacob Laukaitis. In the past 2 years he has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and he is not stepping down anytime soon. He is able to live like this, because he is a digital nomad – meaning that as long as he has his computer and a Wi-Fi connection, he […]


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Travel Journal: Following Don Quixote’s Windmills in Consuegra, Spain

31 Oct , 2012  

Having resided in Spain for ten months now, I feel I know fairly well what I can expect from the country’s cities and villages. You have the plaza mayor, the wide open square enclosed on all four sides by century’s old buildings, and which typically houses both the ayuntamiento (town hall) and a line of […]


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A Subjective Hitchhiker’s Guide to Milan

22 Aug , 2012  

Because “Tourism on the Edge” strives to come up with information that is both practical and thrilling, for today we’ve decided to concentrate on the “unusual traveling” part of the blog and I put together a few small, but important conclusions of my last (and yet only) trip to Milan several months ago. As you […]

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Bits of Austria: Hallstatt, Where Cats Party at 21 [Travel Journal]

27 Jul , 2012  

“Be gentle with that cat”, the camping lady told us, “He is 21!” “Does everybody in Hallstatt live this long?”, I asked, fully anticipating the answer. “Of course. Look around, you will understand why!” I initially wanted to put together an extensive travel journal about Hallstatt, elaborately describing my/our experience with this small town. And […]

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Expedition Lofoten: 2 Weeks Above the Polar Circle

31 May , 2011  

For years, I’ve been charmed by Scandinavia. I love the languages, the people always seemed beautiful and last but certainly not least: the scenery is amazing. We’ve been to Norway on our first trip, in the west of the country, but decided to do something different in 2010. Going to the polar circle, a mythical border between warm and ice cold, and even crossing it, seemed like a crazy idea when we first thought of it. We thought we would need special clothes, buy special camping gear, and who knows what else, but all that turned out to be false. We were also drawn to the concept of the Midnight Sun, which occurs there in the summer: the sun actually never went down when we were there. When we finally googled ‘Lofoten’, we were sold: we’re definitely going there.I spent months setting up the perfect route, planning every little piece of the way to see the most beautiful places of the region in a limited amount of time. We had 13 days of spare time, minus the days we would spend traveling, that left about 10 days of Lofoten-goodness.

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1000 Something Kilometers for a Friendship Hike [Travel Journal]

19 Feb , 2011  

Itinerary: Timisoara-Bucharest-Cheia (close to Brasov)- Clabucetul Maneciului Peak (1460 meters- a small peak surrounded by incredible views- so they say)- Brasov-Tampa Peak-Timisoara Departure Time: 3 Days Total distance: around 1300 Kilometers When moving from one city to another (why else but for educational purposes? ), a nature freak should always remember to CHECK FOR MOUNTAINS in […]


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