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Guilin Hills China, a Surreal Landscape

21 Dec , 2011  

Guilin stands for “cassia forest”, a special tropical tree with yellow flowers that can be found here in abundance and which is what we “naive” Europeans refer to as  “cinnamon”. Cinnamon is the natural scent of this fascinating Chinese city, as from August to October the tropical tree “cassia” is in blossom.  Guilin is said […]

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Reed Flute Cave, an Underground Fairyland in China

9 Sep , 2011  

The Reed Flute Cave, also known as “the Palace of Natural Arts”, is a natural limestone cave situated in the northwest of  Guilin City, China. It is said that locals gave this name from the reeds growing outside it, as they were used for making flutes. With a length of 240 meters, the cave is […]

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Ultimate Relaxation: Hanging Pools in Bali

7 Mar , 2011  

Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel & Resort is located in the heart of Bali, amongst the “smoky volcanoes and emerald rice terraces”. Built in an alluring traditional style, the resort offers 38 luxury private villas available for rent. Each villa is opened towards generous infinity pools, where one is literally surrounded by nature and can enjoy […]

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5 Minutes of Syria

15 Feb , 2011  

5 minutes of Syria from Ruslan Fedotow on Vimeo.

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Avatar Hallelujah Mountain in China Inspired (by) the Famous Blockbuster

4 Feb , 2011  

According to DailyMail Online, after the Avatar success, China decided to rename a mountain  previously known as the ‘Southern Sky Column’ into ‘Avatar Hallelujah Mountain’:  The 3,544ft Southern Sky Column is one of 3,000 in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and became the inspiration for the magical ‘floating peaks’ in James Cameron’s film after a […]

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The Natural Root Bridges of Cherrapunji, India

26 Nov , 2010  

Deep within the southern Khasi and Jaintia hills (northeastern India), the humid and warm climate determines unusual natural shapes and rich vegetation. This is the place where bridges grow naturally instead of being built. The Ficus elastica is a a species of Indian rubber tree with very strong roots which have the ability to extend […]

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Shilin Stone Forest, China, Weird Rocks Pointing to the Sky

1 Nov , 2010  

The Stone Forest of Shilin is located in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County, southeast of Kunming Qujing Prefecture in Yunnan Province, China. This amazing “forest” is said to exist for over 270 million years, from the Paleozoic era and is considered a world wonder by the Chinese. Shilin Stone Forest consists of  karst landforms with […]

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Jeju-do, Korea, the Island of the Gods

26 Oct , 2010  

Jeju Island or also known as Jeju-do (a short form of Jeju Special Autonomous Province) is the only special autonomous province of South Korea and the country’s largest island. It’s situated southwest of Jeollanam-do Province in the Korea Strait, a sea passage between South Korea and Japan. Although the island isn’t a famous destination for […]

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Angkor Wat, Where Traveling Meets Spirituality

23 Sep , 2010  

Angkor Wat is a fascinating complex of Hindu temples located in Cambodia and represents an important national symbol. Built in the early 12th century in honor of the king Suryavarman II, it is world renowned for its architecture and impressive size. To be able to appreciate what this incredible building means to the inhabitants of Cambodia, you should have […]

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Camel Safari in The Golden City of Jaislamer, India

9 Aug , 2010  

Jaisalmer, also known as “The Golden City” is located in western Rajasthan within the Thar Desert, India. Getting here is possible by train from Delhi. There are many things to do in Jaisalmer, such as sightseeing (you will find many pedestrian areas in the city), experiencing local culture and of course, camel safari. We encountered […]

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Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka’s Holy Mountain

8 Aug , 2010  

Adam’s Peak is a unique shaped  mountain located in the center of Sri Lanka. Its total hight is 2,243 metres (7,359 ft). Throughout the ages, it has been a continuous source of inspiration for myths and legends and today it is regarded as a mystical place as well.From December to April, hundreds of pilgrims get […]

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Kaghan Valley, Pakistan: Beauty Between Glaciers

12 Jul , 2010  

Kaghan Valley is located in the north-east of Mansehra District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The valley is named after the town of Kaghan, a nice place which is at its best during summer (from May to September). In May, the temperature ranges between a maximum of 11 °C and a minimum of 3 °C. The […]

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A Place Of Spirituality: Potala Palace, Tibet

3 Jul , 2010  

Form ancient times it has been said that Tibet is a sacred land or a “gate” to a spiritual world. With their strong belief in peace and harmony, with their mysteries and experiences beyond material world , the people from Tibet represent one of the most fascinating cultures. The center of their spirituality and their […]

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Auroville: The City of Hope

14 May , 2010  

Existing in a community where everyone is different, where the nationality is not a measurable scale for splitting people by their skin or language, a place where “my values and goods are also yours” its apparently an utopic imagine in these days. Why did I use “hope”? Cause we need an optimistic point of view […]

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Cut Through Ages: Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

25 Mar , 2010  

“The magnificent tunnel road in the Taihang mountains was built by 13 local villagers headed by their chief, Shen Mingxin, and took around five years to finish. Many villagers lost their lives in accidents during construction of the tunnel but the others continued relentlessly. The tunnel was opened to traffic on May 1st, 1977. The […]

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