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Cliffside Dining: Äscher Cliff Restaurant, Switzerland

29 May , 2017  

Äscher cliff restaurant is nestled between steep-sided valleys and spectacular mountain peaks in Switzerland. This small wooden cabin merges with the rock behind in a perfect architecture balance. #Getting there You can access the restaurant by taking a cable car from Wasserauen-Ebenalp and the hiking for 15 min across the Wildkirchli caves. For the brave, […]

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Cozy, with Icing On Top: Igloo Hotel, Switzerland

23 Dec , 2016  

Each year, Iglu-Dorf hotel comes to life during the winters in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It is one of the seven hotels of this kind in the whole world and it is entirely made with the help of a few enthusiastic people. Almost 3000 tons of snow are forming these igloo-like apartments. Rooms sometimes include works […]

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Panorama Elevator On Mount Bürgenstock, Switzerland

23 Jul , 2014  

Avid for new experiences at high altitude, every new “path” that we discover is a chance to get our boots on and run to the nearest mountains. This impressive elevator with a look out point made us curious, even if it doesn’t necessarily offer the most challenging way to hike towards the top. Hammetschwand Lift […]

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The Evolver Spiraling Platform in Switzerland for Unobstructed Nature Observation

26 Apr , 2012  

The Evolver is an original project envisioned and put to practice by the students from Alice Studio. Located in Zermatt, Switzerland and overlooking Lake Stelli, the structure is composed of 24 wooden frames and encases a continuous 720 degree route. This makes for an unusual tubular itinerary, especially when considering the fact that the views […]

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Dine In The Dark, A Bizarre and Successful Restaurant Concept

28 Apr , 2017  

The idea of dining in complete darkness in a restaurant meant to raise awareness about people with impaired vision is bold and controversial. This concept originated in 1999, when the first “dine in the dark” restaurant was open by Jorge Spielmann, a blind clergymen in Zurich, Switzerland. He came up with the plan after noticing how people […]

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Nature Up-Close: 8 Memorable Glamping Experiences in Europe

19 Mar , 2017  

We couldn’t stay away without bringing it into our niche. Why? Because it could turn out to be a totally new and mesmerizing experience. Some of you probably haven’t heard about glamping, in which case we are happy to surprise you with some of the best places in Europe where you can taste nature in a […]

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15 Skywalks and Dazzling High Altitude Platforms Around the World

13 May , 2016  

New perspectives are always a part of the seemingly almighty traveling experience. Without taking things lightly, these breathtaking skywalks and viewing platforms around the world will give you a genuine feel of what it’s like to be “walking on sunshine”. Just imagine speed running up a mountain (unfortunately some of the mountain itineraries have recently […]


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14 Small European Towns and Villages To Visit this Year

10 Feb , 2016  

Dear independent traveler, since you decided to hit the road this year, we would like to contribute with some suggestions. Here are 14 special small European towns and villages to visit in 2016! Some of these travel destinations were part of our experiences on the road, other are taken from our future “travel trajectories”. We see traveling […]

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Trift Bridge, the Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the Alps

20 Oct , 2015  

The Trift Bridge (Triftbrucke in German) is considered the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps. Built in the adventurous Bernese Oberland Mountains in Switzerland, it has a simple suspension bridge design which spans 170 meters at a height of 100 meters. The bridge stretches above the Triftsee Lake, near Gadmen, Switzerland, in a popular […]

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Mammut Celebrates First Matterhorn Ascent by Lighting Up Hörnli Ridge [Video]

16 Oct , 2014  

Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut paid tribute to the first ascent of the Matterhorn peak taken by Edward Whymper and his team, 150 years ago. Earlier this year, mountain climbers ascended the Matterhorn’s Hörnli ridge (in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy) and lit bright red lights in order to celebrate the inaugural ascent. […]

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Christmas Traveling: 15 Of the Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe

7 Dec , 2012  

Did you know that Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria? The first Christmas markets ever were held in Vienna (1294), Bautzen (year 1384 ) and Dresden (1434). In time, the festive spirit took over the entire world, with numerous city squares being converted in the month of December. Ginger bread, wine, cinnamon and oranges, […]

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Where Winter Holidays Become Fairy Tales: Colmar, France

16 Nov , 2012  

With a charming country-town atmosphere and a strong historical heritage, Colmar is not only “the most Alsatian town in Alsace”, and the wine capital of the region, but also a place for the fairytale believers. This dreamy place has a very privileged location near Germany and Switzerland, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine, between […]

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10 Outstanding Photos Inside Glaciers by Eric Guth

14 Jun , 2012  

  Eric Guth has found a photography niche that dazzles the mind. Traveling in some of the most remote places on Earth, like Alaska and the Arctic, gave him the chance to experience ice and glaciers up close. Here is the story behind these photos inside glaciers. Eric Guth  took an interview for My Modern […]


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Scenic Village in the Swiss Alps: Gimmelwald

24 May , 2012  

“If heaven isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, send me back to Gimmelwald.” (Rick Steves) Gimmelwald is a beautiful mountain village located in Bernese Highlands region of Switzerland, on the western side of Weisse Lutschine valley just above Stechelberg. It’s a perfect place for Alp-aholics because it offers incredible views with majestic cliffs, colorful […]

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10 Small Town and Village Locations to Consider When Traveling to Europe

19 Mar , 2012  

Since most of you appreciate unconventional tourism, we figured we would dedicate a post to small town and villages, as a holiday alternative to crowded, famous cities. When traveling to Europe this year, why not consider experiencing the charm of a small medieval town, or the heath of a fresh mountain village? Why not take […]

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