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Angkor Wat, Where Traveling Meets Spirituality

23 Sep , 2010  

Angkor Wat is a fascinating complex of Hindu temples located in Cambodia and represents an important national symbol. Built in the early 12th century in honor of the king Suryavarman II, it is world renowned for its architecture and impressive size. To be able to appreciate what this incredible building means to the inhabitants of Cambodia, you should have […]

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Asia, Hidden Places

A Place Of Spirituality: Potala Palace, Tibet

3 Jul , 2010  

Form ancient times it has been said that Tibet is a sacred land or a “gate” to a spiritual world. With their strong belief in peace and harmony, with their mysteries and experiences beyond material world , the people from Tibet represent one of the most fascinating cultures. The center of their spirituality and their […]

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Celebration of Life: Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica

2 Oct , 2015  

Envision Festival – Costa Rica has released an inspiring video recap of Envision 2015 produced by Pure Souls Media. The breathtaking video shows global revelers celebrating unity and life amidst Envision’s world-class curation of over 50 musicians, art, workshops, and yoga classes all set amongst the stunning tropical oasis of Uvita, Costa Rica. With the […]

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Hidden Places

20 Authentic Outdoor Traveling Experiences Around the World

5 Feb , 2014  

We like to think of ourselves as avid seekers of authentic outdoor traveling experiences. And in its four years of existence, Tourism on the Edge has gathered quite a few hints on mesmerizing places around the Globe. You can admire them from afar, dream about them, gather more information and perhaps even plan an outstanding […]

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William Ricketts Sanctuary, Australia: A Place of Rebirth

5 Nov , 2013  

“Spirituality is eternal and I want the people to regard this sanctuary just this way, timeless and eternal. All my work expresses  reverence for life everlasting. I believe that we are indivisible linked with all that life and we cannot be separated” – William Ricketts (1898–1993) William Ricketts Sanctuary is an amazing outdoor museum representing 92 […]


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