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Angus, King of the Mountain is officially the tallest snowman in the world. Build in Bethel, Maine, the giant snowman was first built in 1999 and had a total height of 113 feet and 7 inches (about 34 meters). Here is more information from the official site:

Natural snow was used as much as possible, plus snow made at Sunday river Ski Resort and trucked to the site, and snow made on site with snow guns. The snow was stacked higher each day using a crane with a clam shell bucket to lift 3700 bucket loads of snow.

A form was made from old highway signs about 4 feet high; each time the form was moved up, a sign was removed to make the snowman narrower. Volunteers shoveled snow and packed it with their feet to fit the form.

It took 15 days, once enough snow was available, and hundreds of volunteers to complete the World’s Tallest Snowman a real community effort.



Angus (aka the giant snowman) was so big that the scarf he wore was 120 feet long (36,5 m), his nose 8 feet long (2,4) and his eyes and mouth had to be made from truck tires. According to this source,  the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce will reiterate the building of the world’s tallest snowman, starting January 22, 2011.


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