Tourism On The Edge

What This Site Is

  • an unpretentious way of getting you, wild and witty creature, to see places and do things you did not know you could see or do
  • places and activities that will blow your mind, make your skin all goose-pimply and get you packing
  • low-cost traveling ideas * We will try
  • interactive. We are looking forward to your fresh and practical comments, opinions and traveling impressions;
  • awesome, obviously

What This Site Isn’t

  • a place for lazy people and couch potatoes whose lives revolve around the sentence ” I couldn’t possibly do this” – what a load of ….! Our target happens to be exciting, alive, not necessarily experienced, but willing to learn and hooked on adventure
  • ideas for trained professionals only. No. Anyone can be a part of this, which is why we will work our best to finding “d0able” and cheapĀ  solutions for traveling “on the edge”
  • a place for grouchy and pessimists. We don’t want you spoiling our holidays with your long faces and bad predictions on weather. We are cheerful here, capisci? Also, any deliberately mean comment will be erased on sight-no offense !

5 thoughts on “Tourism On The Edge

  1. ioan

    Oh, so this site isnt for me… that makes me even more sad than before… :))

    Mmmkey, i love the sound of “feeling alive” kind of adventures, but “low cost” doesnt sounds that bad either. Thats why i love the tent! :))

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you, Ioan , for that lovely comment:) and also the first on this ever more growing site:)

    (no way you know the admin for four years and that’s why you commented :) )

  3. admin Post author

    @Joker The idea is to upload daily. We will try to do that in the near future.
    @BernieR Sure.
    Thank you both for dropping by.

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