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Boating and Kayaking Adventures in Mono Lake, California [VIDEO]

8 Nov , 2012  

Boating in Mono Lake

Photo by Buck Forester

 A wide sheet of burnished metal, Mono Lake is situated in Eastern Sierra, California and is said to have been formed thousands of years ago as a terminal lake in a basin that had and has no physical connection to the ocean or other nearby lakes. This is also what caused the high salt levels and its alkaline feature.

Mono Lake

Photo by James Fike

A unique world at the transition between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Great Basin Desert, this is a place with a rich ecosystem, fantastic sights and genuine experiences, appealing mostly to your adventurous side. There are lot of things to discover in Mono Lake, especially in the summer days. From watching the thousands of birds and wildflower species to photographing them, you will find plenty of options to spend a memorable time. You can also rent a kayak, a boat or a canoe, but drive it with caution, as there are many submerged obstacles that can be found along the way. Due to the strong winds, you might want to return to shore by early afternoon.


Located just east of Yosemite, Mono Lake can be reached via Highway 120 (Tioga Pass) during the summer or by taking Highway 395. There are no visitors’ taxes involved. Camping is not allowed within the area, but you can search for accommodation in the city of Lee Vining, or put up your tent in the Lee Vining Canyon, for about $15 a night. Enjoy the video at the end of the post and please check back with us and share your experience at Mono Lake!

Liquid Mirror, Mono Lake, California


Photo by Gale Rainwater




Photo by Larry Sogolow


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