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Work Less, Play More: Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Islands

22 May , 2012  


 Ko Phi Phi (or the Phi Phi Islands) is an archipelago of 6 small islands located in the South of Thailand, within the Andaman Sea. For some, getting a tan alongside a bunch of monkeys may seem a bit invading and even annoying. But for others it may just turn out to be  genuine and exciting nature fun. Monkey Beach is part of the Phi Phi Don Island, the only inhabited island of the Phi Phi Archipelago.


The beautiful Monkey Beach in Thailand is a great place to observe local wild life and is also where monkeys come out of their natural habitat to greet travelers and perhaps eat some of their food.From coke to bananas, these crazy monkeys would eat almost anything whether it is on the beach or in the water. Throw some bananas in the water and you might end up being surprised with how fast the monkeys swim to get them.


Baby monkeys usually come really close to Monkey Beach as well, to the joy of the tourists.  They are usually accompanied by their mums, so be careful, as they might become aggressive when trying to play with their offsprings. You should know that feeding wildlife is usually forbidden and only feed the monkeys bananas, not Coke or or other weird drinks, as these are toxic and harmful.



Getting to Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Islands is possible by plane (you have to reach Phuket International Airport in Thailand then take a shuttle to the city). Phuket is located near the sea and no less than 862 kilometers away from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. So if you have a direct connection to Phuket, try to avoid getting here through the capital, as this could take a lot of time. Once you arrived, you can take a ferry to the island of your choice.








Phi Phi Islands are said to be a living paradise. Maya beach located here was also the place for filming “The Beach, but we will talk about this in another post. Check out the youtube movie, you will see some familiar landscapes. When to Visit? Until 1990, this place was a true adventure, as only few people ventured here, living in harsh conditions. Unfortunatelly, in the last decades, tourism exploded and the season is packed full with people. We recommend visiting the Phi Phi Islands in low season, from May to October, when the prices are low and the people are few. The only problem is it may rain a bit. You can start planning your trip here.





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