Seven Highest Mountain Passes In The World Reachable by Foot

tanggula pass

Photo: Fanghong

7. Tanggula Pass – 5,231 m (17,157 ft), in the Tibetan Tanggula Mountains, China

Before we get into elaborate details about hiking (in the future posts), here is an interesting count-down of the highest passes on Earth that people have reached and that with help, advice and proper equipment, you can probably also check out live one day. As you probably guessed, they are all located in the Himalayas.

tanglang la pass

6. Tanglang La – 5,359 m (17,577 ft), Ladakh, India

Photo via Wikimedia (prayer flags)

khardung la

5. Khardung La – 5,359 m (17,577 ft), Ladakh, India

Photo: Tomáš Ne?as

changla pass

4. Changla Pass – 5,425 m (17,794 ft), India

Photo: Sistak

karakoram pass

3. Karakoram Pass – 5,540 m (18,171 ft), China

Photo: rule37

semo la pass

2. Semo La – 5,565 m (18,253 ft), central part of Tibet, China

Photo: John Town

pangong lake near marsimik la pass

1. Marsimik La – 5,582 metres (18,308 ft), India

Photo via BCMTouring
via Environmental Graffiti

6 thoughts on “Seven Highest Mountain Passes In The World Reachable by Foot

  1. ioan

    If they weren’t that far away… But lucky for us, Romania has very beautiful mountains too. And then there is Europe… maybe you can do an article about peaks that you can reach by foot in Europe… :D

  2. Ashfaq Ahmad

    Gondogoro La(5940 m) should be in the list above, its a pass that connects Concordia with Hushe valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.

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  5. sujan joshi

    i think u guys didn’t know buot the thorang la pass which is 5416 mtr which lies in the Nepal

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